Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hello long-lost blog!

Oops....looks like it's been over a year since I've stopped by and said hello to my teensy weensy blog! I am always in awe of the amazing talent and creativity that is to be found in the blog world, inspiration through words, ideas and pictures seems to be everywhere, I just wish I could keep up! For now I will do my best to post every so often, and at lease keep up to date with some of my creations.

And speaking of creations…last night was one of my favorite nights of the week- TAG night! Tuesday Art Girls started up last September, and while our membership is small, we are a consistent little group, meeting every Tuesday night for a little crafting, a little laughing and of course a bit of chocolate!

Thanks so much for checking in, here’s a little peek at what I came up with last night =) T

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