Monday, September 13, 2010

“Out of the Box” Embellies

We all know there are a ton of amazing scrapbooking embellishments out there that we can spend a TON of $$$$ on, but did you ever try adding items to your page that DIDN’T come from the craft store? I’m always scrounging though the hardware aisles, odds-n-ends from recycle bins, and even sifting through trinkets in my kiddos’ bedrooms. Here’s a layout I created based on a sketch posted at Scrappin’ Silhouettes. Can you spot the non-scrapbooking items I’ve used to embellish the page below? (hint: there are 3)

Find them? Let's see if you're correct:

1-The big red button was "borrowed" from my daughter's stash, it came in a set of jumbo sorting buttons from Oriental Trading.
2-The cardboard photo mat was cut from a sheet of cardboard that was inserted in a calendar. I brushed the edges with cream and red acrylic paints.
3-The ribbon laced through the button holes was actually tied on to a gift I received a while back.

Now it's your turn- head to a Good Will store, dig through your recycle bin and save those scraps of ribbons, tassles and bows, you never know when they'll come in handy! =)T

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