Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It’s All About Me (or you)!

I consider myself a scrapbooking fanatic, creating about 150 layouts each year of our family’s birthdays, accomplishments and everyday moments. I’ve made countless mini albums chronicling amazing vacations or just adorable sayings of my kiddos. But there is one thing missing from all of my scrapbooks-ME!! I am always behind the camera, and seem to come up missing from our trip to Disney, Christmas morning and even my own birthday party- I am NOT KIDDING about this one, I do not have a single picture of myself from last year’s bday, it’s sad really!

If your albums are suffering from the same affliction, why not try what I’ve been working on, a Book of Me (or BOM as I like to call mine)? My BOM is an ongoing project, acting as sort of an artistic journal where I can scrapbook about my thoughts, goals and reminisce about my childhood. I don’t have any particular format; I just add layouts as I am inspired, with the ultimate goal being to leave behind a piece of me, a bit of my story that hasn’t been told in our family scrapbooks.

Below I’ve posted 2 layouts from my BOM- the layout I did this week for my Scrap Play assignment; I pulled out a staff photo from a summer job at a Cub Scout Camp- the kids got a kick out of this one! Another layout I did was just a quick list of my favorite songs at the time- a great time-capsule kind of page!

It feels great to express myself this way, and I encourage you to give it a try! Here’s a few ideas to get you started… =)T
•Why I scrapbook
The meaning of my name
•Daily life/itinerary
•My dresses at HS dances
•I am (all the different titles I have ie: mother, daughter, sister, wife etc)

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