Friday, January 28, 2011

Call Me Crazy....and Birthday Girl Challenge #3!

This week's challenge from Nat over at Punky Scraps was to create a project as inspired by this quote:
Now this one was a tough one for me...see I'm not at all that kind of girl! The girl who wrote this is a tough, take-no-prisoners, no nonsense kind of woman. A woman I truly admire. But...unfortunately there is NOTHING tough about me. My quote would read more like, "Judge me, I'm expecting you to anyway. Tell me what to do, and I'll say OK. Say I'm not worth it, and I'll believe you."...You get the idea. Self-esteem is low on my totem pole. But then I got to that last line, "Call me crazy". Ya, that sounds about right! I had this silly photo of me opening a package of stickles and thought it was just crazy enough to use. When else would a goofy photo like that be appropriate right?

So my bday girl challenge for you today is to create a layout based on this quote and link it up over at Punky Scraps. Don't forget, any challenges you enter this month at PS enters you to win a fabulous prize from Nikki Sivils. Don't forget to leave me a comment telling me you've entered the PS challenge and you'll be entered in my month-long Birthday Girl Challenge. Two! Two! Two challenges for the price of one!! Oh, and here's my layout...crazy huh? =) T


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  1. Great layout! Love the paper you've used. Crazy for scrapbooking goodies huh... I can relate!!!


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