Monday, May 28, 2018

Sunny's House

Hello crafty friends! Back in April I decided to give The Hundred Day Project a try after listenening to several crafty podcasts. It sounded so wonderful, and I thought, "sure, I can create a layout a day for 100 days". Now my family, who probaly can smell my crazy ideas that are never going to work from a mile way, where pretty sceptical. Even my daughter kind of giggled and said, "One hundred days? Really mom?". I should've listened, but I was also convinced I'd be able to prove them wrong.

Well, here we are on day 50something, and I'm on layout # 24. Ouch. But it's still 24 FINISHED layouts, so can't complain that much. Here's the first one I created, back when I thought I'd be doing all 100....

This was a really quick and fun layout to do. It's way out of my comfort zone and not quite my style, but I think it fits the playfulness of the photos. The PP I wanted to use had a ton of great phrases, so rather than using it as my background and potentially covering up some good words, I used a dotted blue and green background and then stacked favorite phrases above and below the pic. The house sticker tucked in on the left is clear, and wouldn't have showed up well on the pink stripe background. So I stuck it onto a scrap of white CS and fussy cut it to ensure it would stand out. I added a yellow diecut heart on the right to balance out the yellow of the house, and that made a nice spot for my journaling as well. 

I have lots more to share of my continuing journey in The Hundred Day Project. Thanks so much for stopping by! =) Tiffany

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