Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pocket Scrapping- Week 7

Good morning friends! It's Sunday and that means for you Pocket Scrapbookers....the beginning of WEEK 7!! I know I keep gushing each week about how much i am loving this...but truly I am having so much fun with my little 6x8 pockets of scrappy goodness. And each week I find that I am discovering, learning, growing... My little discovery for this week, somehow I thought that adding this Pocket Scrapbook to my crafty plate would be too much, but it's actually helping me get MORE accomplished?!?! It reminds me of when I was in college and I usually took 6 classes per semester, but 1 semester I decided to give myself a break and only take 5, and I was a total slacker for all 5. Maybe for me, MORE is LESS? At any rate, I am scrapping, painting, and pocketing more than ever. Here are weeks 4 and 5:

And my Pocket Scrapping Tips and Tricks for the week:
  1. I am loving the style of Krafty Kat, stop by her blog to see her Project Life...In Pink!
  2. Subscriptions to monthly kits are a great way to build your stash with the latest and greatest products. Frosted Designs kits let you choose the option of "clean fun" or "messy fun" depending on your style. I'm a messy fun kind of girl!
  3. Looking for some Pocket Scrapping cards to go with this cold weather we've been having? Check out these FREE printables available at Day Dreamer
  4. I have seen a few people stamp on their pics, and I decided to give it a try (see my "explore" on week 5). Learn from my mistake: only stamp on photos with Stazon, regular water based ink smudges on the glossy surface!! 
  5. Not sure what to journal on your Pocket Pages? Read this quick but inspiring blog post over at Write.Click.Scrapbook
Happy Pocketing! =) T

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  1. thanks for the awesome shout out! I am loving all your pocket pages and all the inspiration you are sharing!


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