Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pocket Scrapping- Week 10

Hello friends! I have been a busy little scrapper the past 2 weeks working my scrapbooking events business Ready Set CROP! But now that our Winter Wonderland Weekend has come and gone, and I don't have another event until May, I can take a bit of a breather and get back to my own personal craftiness.

That means it's time to get back to my weekly Pocket Scrapbook update. I cannot believe we are already in week TEN, hello double digits... Now that we are 3 months in, it's safe to say you are either loving or hating your Pocket Scrapbook adventures, and I am LOVING! While I am somehow still keeping up with my weekly pockets, I am a bit behind in sharing. Here are weeks 6 and 7 (don't be fooled by the title cards that say "five" and "six", I noticed my mistake AFTER taking the pic and have since fixed them, oops!):

And my Pocket Scrapping Tips and Tricks for the week:
  1. I decided to take part in Ali Edwards' One Little Word project, and chose the word "Brave".Not sure how this project will filter into my pockets, but having fun searching for ideas so far!
  2. In searching for "Brave" inspiration I came across this fabulous pocket scrapper. Love the look of this 8 1/2x11 book from Elsie Blaha
  3. See the Walking Dead pic in the 3rd pocket on my second layout?My son and I are big WD fans, and were really looking forward to the mid-season premiere, but completely forgot to snap a pic. thank you Google Images- it even has the date and time...perfect!! 
  4.  Need some free printables? Very sweet ones over at The Tiny Twig:
  5. Are you ever short on photos for the week? I am doing the Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge,  great for getting you to take more pics, here's March:
     MARCH Photo A Day 2014. Join us? 
    Happy Pocketing! =) T

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