Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Ok, today's the day! Was gifted with lovely little handmade cards and trinkets from the kiddos this morning- how sweet! I always thought my parents were being corny as a kid when they'd say, "the best gifts are the drawings you give me"...but they really are! Not sure what the rest of the day will hold, but since it's school vacation and I have 3 xtra children running around here today, I have a feeling it will be less about pampering the birthday girl, and more about making grilled cheese sandwiches and cleaning up around them!

Anyway, today is the FINAL DAY of my "Birthday Girl Challenge". One lucky winner will be selected at random to receive this little batch of goodies:

If you're a follower and have commented at all this month, you are in! (one entry for each comment) If you've taken part in any of my challenges this month, and let me know about it, you are in! (one entry for each) If you've posted about my Bday Girl Challenge on your blog, you've scored another entry! And today you'll be entered when you comment to this blog post letting me know about your favorite birthday memory! So have a fabulous day and bring on the memories...=) T 


  1. Happy birthday, Tiff! My favorite birthday memory is my 6-year-old's amazed and delighted face when he opened his gift -- my first completed scrapbook. A book about him called "My Life So Far" complete with his newborn pics, poems written by me, quotes by him, and lots and lots of pics depicting his unbearable cuteness. I was a relatively new scrapbooker then, and so decided to take on a projected with definitive boundaries (i.e., a time limit) so as not to drive myself crazy. I then quickly realized I'd have to do the same for the other two kids. Now, 5 years later, I'm almost done w/ the third-born's -- have 6 months to complete it! Love doing it, and love that they want to show it to everybody.

  2. HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday Tiffany! Don't you just adore the little things we get from our kids? Sounds like a wonderful birthday!!

  3. Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you... :)

  4. Hey Happy Birthday...yesterday!!! Hope you had a great day!!!


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